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Press Release For Dean Mortensen
Former Sydney Art Director Changes Career After 30 Years

After a career spanning 30 years as an art director in the advertising and film industries, Sydney creative director Dean Mortensen has decided to change course and work full time as a freelance storyboard artist.

Many people are unsure of the function of a storyboard artist and precisely what it is that he or she does.

freelance storyboards by DeanWhen making a video for a business, whether it’s a training video, sales video, demo video, or a TV commercial, it needs planning shot by shot. A storyboard is a series of squares or illustrations depicting each shot, with the addition of notes about what is happening in the shot and any script that accompanies the shot.

It’s a fact that many people are unable to visualise a scene simply from reading a script, so a storyboard sets out to illustrate the story graphically which makes it far simpler for others to understand.

Mortensen says that it also helps considerably for the production since it depicts all the shots that will be needed, the order in which they will occur, enables planning of camera angles, and ensures that no scenes will be missed or left out. While some people might consider that a storyboard is an extra step in a production (which is true) it can save a considerable amount of time, and therefore money, when it comes to filming.

“Having over 30 years’ experience working as an art director in the advertising and film industries I have unique skills in understanding a script from a conceptual point of view. I then bring my experience to translate your words and ideas into a boarded filmic narrative to accurately capture your concept” says Mortensen.

Working as a storyboard artist in Sydney, Mortensen has created storyboards for a wide range of different industries including telecommunications, alcohol, sports, retail sales, motor vehicles, entertainment, tourism, FMCG, and more.

He has produced concept boards and production sketches for some of the country’s leading event companies to help them with client presentations and in order to assist in selling their ideas. Although based in Sydney Australia, Dean is able to work internationally due to the wonders of Dropbox and the world wide web.


Mortensen has worked for many very well-known corporations including Avis, Emirates, Revlon, V8 Supercars Australia, Foxtel, Colgate, NSW Transport for NSW and Transport Maritime, Cuddly, Y & R Group, and very many more. His skills enable him to visualise the scene from a script or text and bring it to life in such a way that it is instantly understood by anyone.

Mortensen has, indeed, won many awards for his work as a storyboard artist Sydney, including Gold and Bronze Cannes Lions, London International, D & AD, One Show, and New York Festivals. He is happy to work on projects of any size and says that because of his unique ability to grasp a concept quickly he can produce a finished storyboard in a very short space of time.

Frames that Mortensen produces are approximately A4 size and there is a choice of styles: quick line basic, graphic pencil, line with a splash of colour, and line with full colour which he describes as “line and the whole caboodle!” His rates depend on the style, the number of frames required, and the timing involved. You can see a full range of his styles by visiting his site,

As an artist specializing in vehicle signage designs, I bring a unique blend of creativity, technical skill, and a keen eye for detail to every project. My passion for artistry and design is seamlessly translated into captivating visuals that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of vehicles but also effectively communicate brand messages from a stickers Sydney designer. With a deep understanding of color theory, typography, and composition, I strive to create visually striking designs that grab attention and leave a lasting impression. From bold and eye-catching graphics to elegant and sophisticated layouts, I tailor each vehicle signage design to suit the specific needs and objectives of my clients. With my expertise, I am committed to transforming ordinary vehicles into moving works of art that turn heads and drive businesses forward.

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Community Service - A Vital Element Within Society

Community Services Courses work is a diverse profession that covers over 50 occupations.

Across the United States, more and more attention is being focused on community service. Consider the fact that our president was first a community organizer; look at what position he has now. Helping other people is an important element within our society. More and more people are beginning to recognize the importance of this, and are starting to participate. Even famous people are starting to jump on the bandwagon.

Arguably the best part about community service is the fact that now younger individuals are starting to get involved. Across the nation, many high school student need to complete a certain number of community hours just to graduate. This allows all students to experience the joy of helping others, and helps transform them into respectable adults. Not only that, but it can provide them with some experience in different work areas - helping them decide which career they choose.

The skills they learn through community service are a constant presence in the future of their everyday life. They can be used in the workforce and ensures they know what they're doing when their company or corporation asks them to volunteer on their behalf. There are dozens of organizations that have provided assistance to the community for years. They provide help to health care institutions, raise money for the less fortunate, help the elderly, and of course play an active role in ensuring the educational success of our youth.

These groups have been around for quite awhile and have done an effective job of helping communities across the country. The people that volunteer usually have their own full-time job, but take a few hours out of the week to help make the world a better place - these are true heroes. Of course, if you're interested in lending a helping hand it's always appreciated and you should go ahead and look into becoming a volunteer. Any time you can afford to give away will certainly go a long way and make a difference.

Frank Carlo has been writing articles about community service for the past four years. He also likes to write about hobbies, including why to store your plastic playing cards [] in a playing card holder [] when you're not playing a game.