Interior Decorating

As well as artwork and greeting cards, I also offers my services in interior design. It is a passion near and dear to my heart and I am always pleased to help rejuvenate a room, even on a budget in today's economy. 

I am willing to work with my clients to satisfy with an affordable budget while providing aesthetically pleasing rooms. I understand that not every person can afford high end items but that does not mean that your room must look low budget.

LAB Studio Designs is willing to work with a client’s budget but it is reminded that every event is unique and requires different tools and time commitments. Prices will be based on the supplies required, time frame and budget.

By: Roman Miroshnichenko
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Greeting Cards

Along with Interior Decorating, I create custom greeting cards for any location: Whether it is for Mother's Day, Parties, Baby Showers, birthdays or Christmas,  I provide optimal cards specialized for your occasion.

Contact me for further details and a quote.