Lacye A. Brown Bio

Born in Atlanta, GA, Lacye is a self taught artist who finds inspiration through her cognitive thoughts.  Since the age of seven, Lacye has been around artistic expression: whether it was dance, the culinary arts or photography, art has saturated her life. 

In the third grade, Lacye participated in numerous artist competitions.  After winning a few, she used the momentum to challenge herself through sketching. Through the years, she has challenged herself which is an important factor to her work. 

After high school, Lacye decided to experiment with acrylics and oils. After a BA in Business communications, she decided to experiment with paper in her art works. Since then, Lacye has incorporated her craft of paper mosaics into her mixed media artwork.

She constantly attempts to push motivation, the subconscious, to her limits, allowing others to visually see the psyche. Her next challenge is to instinctively connect with her audience through her pieces.