Abysm 6X6 Mixed Media on CanvasGoodbye 30X40 Mixed Media3 11X14 Acrylic on CanvasE 11X14 Acrylic on CanvasWhy 6X8 Mixed MediaGreen Thoughts 6X6 Mixed MediaSquare Thoughts 30X40 Acrylic on CanvasOCD 30X40 Acrylic on CanvasBlack Thoughst 6X6 Mixed MediaStop 24X45 Mixed MediaThe grass is greener? 11X14 Mixed Media on CanvasIf it could all make sense 4X4 Acrylic on CanvasJay 30X55 Mixed Media on CanvasCircular Thoughts 11X14 Acrylic on CanvasWhat Am I Thinking? 30X40 Mixed MediaI'm not Perfect 30X40 Mixed MediaUntitled 6X8 AcrylicMy Little One 30X40 Mixed MediaThe Flow 8X11 Mixed MediaIn the Gloom of things 30X40 Mixed Media on CanvasUntitled 11X14Escape to Creativity 24X24